Focus.me Project

Have you made up your mind that it's time to create the time and energy needed to nurture the calling you sense stirring inside you?

You don't need more advice. You need space in your life to do what you already know.

There are simple, focused actions, you can start today that will energize you, activate your courage and help you take your next leap of faith!

Welcome to the Focus.me Project!

The Focus.me Project is a 5 day challenge designed for the woman who's tired of not having the energy to pursue what matters most. This project will help you break the habits that are keeping you busy, but stressed out and not reaching your most desired goals!

The challenge starts Monday, November 4. A daily video + task will be delivered to your inbox each day. Complete the task and share your insights in the corresponding blog post comments. It's that simple!

Here is what you'll learn:

++ a time-tested method for identifying and creating space for your top priorities

++ the secret to establishing habits that stick

++ a simple, but effective method for achieving your most desired goals

++ why traditional time management strategies may not work for you and how to uncover your own

What you can expect in your inbox:

++ A Daily Teaching Video (3-5 minutes)

++ A Daily Coaching Task to Complete (5 minutes)

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The Challenge starts Mon, November 4th!

Your Success Mentor

Kendra Tillman
November 4, 2019
6:00am Mountain Time
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