It's Time to work Your Plan

#WorkYourPlan virtual Workshop Series

If your mission includes starting a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel to share the message God is giving you and you’ve been thinking about how to start taking steps towards packaging your expertise into a product you can sell online, this workshop series is for you.

What to Expect

Here are the 4 classes you can expect in this series:

  • Should you start with a blog (written), a podcast (audio) or a YouTube channel (video)? Why you need an email list for your blog, podcast or YouTube channel.

  • Developing your first digital product (ie. ebook, checklist, video tutorial)

  • Forming an effective accountability circle to reach your goals

  • How to organize and professionalize your projects with free tools like Google Drive.

These Zoom sessions were recorded with a group of women in Spring 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Our sessions were part training-part mentorship and coaching. Our focus was on deciding which platform you would use to spread your message and taking small, intentional steps to progress towards your goals.

Hi, I'm Kendra Tillman, an executive leadership coach, a ministry leader, an author and podcaster.

At we help Christian women take the next step in their calling. We exist to increase women’s confidence in God’s grace & their grit to achieve goals that position them for happier, healthier lives.

Welcome to the community!

Kendra Tillman


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